WGU: One Semester In

The beginning of March marks the end of my first semester and beginning of my second. It was a lot of learning to self lead and take charge of my schedule for learning. I managed to finish 7 classes which finished with Calculus 1.

  • Introduction to IT
  • Applied Probability and Statistics
  • Web Development Foundations
  • Network and Security – Foundations
  • Scripting and Programming – Foundations
  • Integrated Physical Sciences
  • Calculus 1

Finishing those brought me to 24% completion of the 122 credit hours required for the Bachelors of Computer Science. My starting second semester work load looks like it should go relatively quickly. I’m hopeful that Discrete Mathematics I & II are either interesting or simple (I have experience in the application of sets and graphs but what proofs can I come away with that would be helpful for thinking in the future?).

  • Natural Science Lab
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Discrete Mathematics I
  • Discrete Mathematics II

WGU: One Month In

This last weekend marked one month into my back to school adventures! It has been a whirlwind of a month. I have managed to complete 4(!) of my classes for the semester. That means that I am technically finished with the originally scheduled classes for the whole 6 months. To be fair, these were all very tame introductory courses:

  • Introduction to IT
  • Applied Probabilities and Statistics
  • Web Development Foundations
  • Network and Security Foundations

My current mindset for each class is to go through the curriculum 100% prior to going through the pre-assessment. This allows me to fill in any of the gaps that I may have compared to the class. It also allows me to speed read through a LOT of subject matter, as it is nearly all review. After the pre-assessment i know if I need to study any particular points more and can quickly schedule the actual objective assessment. Hopefully this will give me plenty of time for the future new or difficult subjects and maintain a pace that will produce a Bachelors of Computer Science in only a year!